Check this awesome video. Below you can find how to configure Hystrix with Spring Boot 1.1.8 with Spring Cloud Hystrix Starter.

compile '' for Spring Boot 1.1.8.
@EnableCircuitBreaker on Main/Runner class

Register Hystrix Servlet:

public class HystrixServletDefinitions {

       @Bean(name = "hystrixRegistrationBean")
       public ServletRegistrationBean servletRegistrationBean() {
             ServletRegistrationBean registration = new ServletRegistrationBean(
                           new HystrixMetricsStreamServlet(), "/metrics/");
             return registration;
  • Add it to Spring Security if needed: .antMatchers(“/metrics/”).permitAll()
  • Create file like this + check docs
  • Create defaultMethod which will be used when CircuitBreaker will open:
public List<SampleObject> defaultMethod() {
             return Lists.newArrayList();

Use annotation where you want to use it:

@HystrixCommand(fallbackMethod = "defaultMethod")
       public List<SampleObject> getRealMethod() {
             // implementation...

Want cool Dashboard? Get and deploy somewhere Hystrix-Dashboard.war and target our “/metrics/”